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      News & EventsGroup Profile

      Group Profile

      Date: 2016/03/09

             Hangzhou Goldfish Electrical Appliances Limited Company, established in 1979, is a comprehensive state holding enterprise. It mainly produces and sells washing machines, refrigerators, commercial refrigerating appliances, small household appliances of air care and beauty and health care, water purifiers, medical devices, household articles, electronic components, microdiecast, injection molding, metal materials, deep processing of resin materials, SMD printing and other products. It is a key enterprise group that integrates diversified industries such as research and development, manufacturing, marketing, technical service of household appliances, and mining in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Goldfish Group ranks in the Top 100 of National Light Industry, Top 500 of China’s Manufacturing Industry, Top 100 Enterprises of Zhejiang Province, Merit Enterprises in ‘Industry Prospering City’ in Hangzhou and the Top 10 Enterprises Making Outstanding Contributions in ‘Industry Prospering City’ in Hangzhou. The Group has invested in 27 enterprises, and 16 of them are directly invested ones, including five China-Japan joint ventures, three China-Hong Kong joint ventures, one China -Netherlands joint venture, and seven domestic enterprises.

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