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          Technological Innovation

          Purpose of establishment

                Implement innovative strategy, enhance research and development strength, improve research and development level and provide development motivation.

          Objective of establishment

                 Create an innovative team which stands in the front edge of technological development, has international vision and research and development capabilities. And develop a series of innovative scientific and technological products which are at the international and domestic leading level and are popular in the market.

          Research and develop technologies and products which meet the requirements of international markets, introduce emerging industries at appropriate time and expand brand new fields.

          Into use

          Research and Development Direction for Technology Research and Development Direction for Products
          Research and Development Direction for Technology


                 The technology research and development system of Goldfish Group consists two levels, that of the company headquarters and that of the invested companies. The technical center of the Group was among the first group of provincial technical centers approved by Zhejiang Province in 1999. It also establishes long term IUR cooperation relationships with Zhejiang University and other famous universities and is a research and development institution of strategic prospective products of the Group. Now, the Group has over 450 engineers and technicians. Technical departments in the invested companies are responsible for making technical breakthroughs and the upgrading of products in concrete fields. The Group has several provincial and municipal technical centers and several key laboratories in different fields (Hangzhou Jinzhou Macromolecule Technology Limited Company is now applying for the laboratory with CNAS certification), and establishes a research and development system with over 350 technical research and development staff including one doctor, 29 masters, 16 returned overseas talents, and over 30 technicians with titles of a senior professional post. Goldfish Group focuses on the systematic adjustment and development of new products in the technical center of the Group and manage and guide the technical innovation of the invested companies, and technical development department in each investing companies is responsible for the research and development of new products, modified products in the company.

          In consideration of the management mode of the technical center of Goldfish Group and depending on many years’ of management experiences, it starts from actual conditions and continuously improves its management systems and further clarifies the responsibilities and tasks of the technical center to be more suitable to the Group’s development strategy. Main tasks of the technical center are as follows:

           1.Formulate and implement the company’s technical development strategy, and programs and plans for technology innovation, technology transformation, and technology import and technology development.

          2.Depending on the development requirements of the enterprise, research and develop new technologies, new products, new processes, new materials, and new equipment, to provide technological support for the upgrading of products and the formation of new economic growth point, be responsible for the digestion and absorption of imported technologies and develop technologies and leading products with independent intellectual property right.

          3.Be responsible for the research, development and design of new products and finish the technical evaluation before new products go into production.

          4.Collect information materials and industrial trends related to the technology of the enterprise, analyze the information and provide consultation and suggestion for the technological development and decision for the enterprise.

          5.Collect standard materials related to products of the enterprise and be responsible for the drafting and review of the enterprise’s standards.


          Always adheres to the thinking of ‘science and technology are primary productive forces'

          1. In consideration of the actual conditions of the company, implement the strategy of introducing talents, make active exploration, establish and perfect the mechanism for new talent introduction, cultivation and employment, further set up the management ideal of putting people first, improve the construction of talent group for technological development, optimize the talent structure, enhance the innovation of employment mechanism and lay the talent foundation for the sustainable development. And formulate related policies, establish and perfect incentive mechanism and fully motivate the activity and creativity of technology development personnel.

          2. Actively promote the intellectual property right-guided innovation, insist on the basic premise of forming the industrialization of independent innovation and take the gain of intellectual property right as the target and the formation of technology standards as the work direction to gradually improve its capability in managing intellectual property right. On the basis of enhancing the protection of existing intellectual property right, continuously improve its independent innovative capability and increase the level and number independent intellectual property rights and achieve the rapid simultaneous development of economic and social benefits.

          3. Development strategy of new products: start from the energy conservation and improvement of cleaning rate of the washing machines, the leading product, develop international advanced level of water-saving impeller washing machines, frequency conversion integrated impeller washing machines, Alpha series diagonal front loading washing machines with drying functions. Besides producing washing machines, the Group constantly enriches types of products on the basis of household refrigerators. The technical center of Goldfish Group will continue to develop and trial produce washing machines, refrigerators, and electric fans, research and develop new household appliances of beauty and health care, form series of products and promote the sales in the market.

          4. Enhance the efforts in technological research and development, take part in the formulation of national and industrial standards, and apply over one hundred patents

          5. The Group Headquarters tries hard to build a national technical center and four invested companies try to establish municipal technical centers.

          6. Strive to set up high-tech enterprises and improve the independent innovation strength of the Group: work hard to enable two enterprises in the Group to be elected as provincial (or even national) high-tech enterprises and nine as municipal ones, and apply Technical Innovation Award, 863 Plan, industrialization of high-tech enterprises, IUR cooperation and other municipal, provincial and national level programs.

                 Actively promote the technical cooperation with famous universities and enterprises: cooperate with Design and Engineering Center for Product Innovation of Zhejiang University, establish strategic innovative research and development platform, and coordinate with each other to develop conceptualized, modularized, and intelligent integrated system products leading in the industry. The cooperation consists of two steps. At the beginning, it targets at the development and industrialization two brand new, ground-breaking, and impressive products, Goldfish Group and Zhejiang University, to consolidate and improve the technical advantages and core competitiveness of the Group’s products. Therefore, the Group sets up three teams of ‘development and design, production and manufacturing, and market development’ and equipped with backbones to practically promote the IUR cooperation. It makes detailed advancement scheme and timetable and held regular advancement meetings. The Group’s leaders take the lead to carry out the process and solve the problems and difficulties in the process. It makes full use of advantage in engineering manufacturing and perfects product design and mass production schemes in the industrialization level, chooses appropriate support companies of outsourcing parts to lower the product cost and finish the research and development of the above two system product as soon as possible. At the same time, actively explore and deepen innovative cooperation mode, work together to establish the innovation engineering center through collaboration between Goldfish Group and Zhejiang University, promote the combination of the enterprise’s advantage in engineering manufacturing and the university’s advantages in innovation and creativity, constantly expand the development fields of products and achieve sustainable development of independent innovative capabilities.

          Technical Cooperation Technical Cooperation